Our customers use biological data to drive innovation.

We are experts on large biological datasets and cutting edge analysis methods and software. We work with our customers to seamlessly integrate their data with a vast corpus of biological data and knowledge, empowering them to extract valuable insights and accelerate their research.

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Our Services

Data Visualization and Interactivity

We have curated billions of data points from more than 700k microarrays and 22M single cell runs. Our web application allows you and your team to explore these data from your laptop via a browser. Tens of thousands of experiments at your fingertips.

  • Data
  • Web apps
  • Interactive tools
  • RNA
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Custom Analysis Plans and Implementations

We work directly with your team to help interpret and draw conclusions from high-dimensional biologic and clinical data. We can integrate your experimental and clinical data with our data, or just use our own data to accelerate your R&D efforts.

  • Data
  • Bioinformatics Expertise
  • Decision Support
  • Target Prioritization
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scRNA Cell Classification

Using our data we can train models across billions of data points from tens of thousands of biological conditions and then transfer this knowledge into your own data to more accurately classify and interpret cell types in scRNA data

scRNA Experiments
Classified cell types
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Our Customers

Here are examples of customers we have worked with in the past along with a brief description of the work.

JW Theriac

Clinical Subtyping

Developed and explored clinical subtyping in leukemia.

Cedars Sinai

Target Prioritization

Combined internal proteomics and scRNA data with our data and tools to prioritize targets.


Clinical Trial Design

Built and transferred knowledge into their own clinical genomics data sets.

UW Medicine

Patient Subtyping

Built and validated custom Androgen Receptor classifier for clinical decision support.

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